Free Scores

Free Sheet Music and Tablature for Guitar
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Variations on a Theme of the Magic Flute by Mozart
Free download of scores/tab with fingerings:

by Bert Lams


The Bach Preludes
Free download of scores/tab with fingerings:

All transcriptions made by Martin Schwutke and Bert Lams

Gurdjieff/De Hartmann arrangements for two guitars

Free download of scores/tabs 
by Bert Lams
Zip file contains the following PDFs:

Armenian Song-Guitar1.pdf
Armenian Song-Guitar2.pdf
Carpet Weaving-Guitar 1.pdf
Carpet Weaving-Guitar 2.pdf
Hindu Melody-Guitar1.pdf
Hindu Melody-Guitar2.pdf
Kurd Melody-Guitar 2.pdf
Kurd Melody-Guitar1.pdf
Long Ago in Mikhailov-Guitar1.pdf
Long Ago in Mikhailov-Guitar2.pdf
Meditation-Solo Guitar.pdf
Movement 13-Guitar 1.pdf
Movement 13-Guitar 2.pdf
Movement 9-Guitar1.pdf
Movement 9-Guitar2.pdf
Orthodox Hymn-Guitar1.pdf
Orthodox Hymn-Guitar2.pdf
Prayer of Gratitude-Guitar1.pdf
Prayer of Gratitude-Guitar2.pdf
Sayyid Dance(for Mr Gurdjieff’s Wife)-Guitar1.pdf
Sayyid Dance(for Mr Gurdjieff’s Wife)-Guitar2.pdf
Song of the Fisherwomen-Guitar1.pdf
Song of the Fisherwomen-Guitar2 copy.pdf


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